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Locking base for Easy Table


Locking base for Easy Table

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Easily exchangeable platens for different applications!

Our revolutionary “Easy Table Series” products are easily exchangeable platens with printable surfaces from 15x30cm up to 42x60cm. We designed them specifically to speed up your workflow and to increase your productivity while also focusing on quality by using robust and lightweight materials.

Easily exchanagble Platens

No need to use tools or screws!

Removable Frame System

No need to use spray glue to hold the shirt in place!

Adjustable knobs

To allow printing on thicker or thinner material


The Texjet® PLUS Advanced dtg printer is equipped with the “Easy Table Series” system that includes the “Base” and the exchangeable “Tables” which are designed to lock together. The tables can be released easily and quickly with a simple lever that holds them firmly into place.

A second “base” is mounted on a screen print machine with the help of the respective adaptor. This way, the platens can be released from the digital printer and placed at the screen-printing machine or vice versa with absolute rgistration.

The simplest configuration consists of 1 Texjet® PLUS Advanced printer, 1-color manual screen printing machine, 1 extra “base” and 1 extra “table”. More tables and Texjet® PLUS Advanced printers can be used if needed to increase productivity or number of screens to add effects.


Registration — Compatibility

Polyprint provides a universal adaptor that can fix the “base” on the most manual screen-printing pallet arms. Special adaptors are also available upon request.

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