Easy Tables


Easily exchangeable platens for different applications!

Our revolutionary “Easy Table Series” products are easily exchangeable platens with printable surfaces from 15x30cm up to 42x60cm. We designed them specifically to speed up your workflow and to increase your productivity while also focusing on quality by using robust and lightweight materials.

Easily exchanagble Platens

No need to use tools or screws!

Removable Frame System

No need to use spray glue to hold the shirt in place!

Adjustable knobs

To allow printing on thicker or thinner material


Easy Table “Standard” included in packaging!

We would love to see you start producing as soon as you open the Texjet® PLUS Advanced packaging, so we have included the “Standard” Easy Table with  a printing area of 34x52cm (the most common size for printing on t-shirts!) And the good news doesn’t stop there, we also include the removable frame system in order to keep the t-shirt in place. Plus, as with all of our frame systems, it has adjustable knobs on the corners to allow printing on thicker or thinner materials. Productivity & flexibility from day one!

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